Will a Foal Halter Fit a Mini Horse?

A small foal halter may also fit a miniature horse. You’ll want to check the halter’s fit first to be completely sure that the fit is correct.

Here are a few considerations when deciding if a foal halter will fit your mini horse.

Take Measurements

You’ll need to measure your mini horse. Ultimately size will come down to a case-by-case basis. Foal and pony halters are often interchangeable but this isn’t always the case for miniature horse halters.

Check the Brand’s Measurements

Just like with human brands, different horse brands will have varying measurements for the same product. You’ll need to check each brand before purchasing a foal halter for your mini, otherwise, you may end up with a halter that is a tad too large or small.

Not All Minis are the Same

If you have a mini who is on the larger side then weanling and foal halters will likely be too small. It’s wise to not only measure your mini for their specific measurements but to also invest in halters that have adjustable nosebands. This will allow you to make slight adjustments for the perfect fit.

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