About Us

We make horse content for horse people. Simple as that. 

We are Equine Experts

Get expert equine content and resources.
The equine world is vast and it’s easy to get lost as you begin learning and expanding your knowledge. Our goal is to collect all of the equine knowledge into one hub for your convenience.
Horse People = Good People

The Team

We’re a tiny but mighty team here at The Educated Equestrian. If you’d like to contribute to our growing collecting of horse content, feel free to reach out to us.

Morgan Danielle

Morgan has nine years of experience working with horses in both english and western disciplines. She worked as a barn hand and assistant riding instructor for three years with plans to eventually return to the world of equine professionals.

Matt Marandola

Matt is a certified beginner here to give you all the details from a beginner's perspective. We all start off green and Matt is here to help us make sure we explain topics in a way that equestrians of all skill levels can easily understand.

Resources for Horse People

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