What Is a Cob Size Halter?

A cob-size halter is designed specifically to fit a horse that falls into the cob category which is best described as a draft-type pony. Cob horses are bulkier horses that are shorter in stature (about 15 hands high). Think of horses resembling large ponies. Tack is made specifically for cob horses because, while smaller than horses they are also larger than ponies—therefore sporting unique measurements.

Cob size halters will generally fit horses that stand 14 to 15.3 hands tall. Some horse breeds that fall into the cob type include:

  • Welsh Cob
  • Norman Cob
  • Breton Horse
  • Gypsy Cob

Not every brand that makes halters will make cob-size halters. If you can’t find a cob-specific halter, take a look at the measurements. You should try to measure your horse (no matter the size) before purchasing any tack or equipment.

Your horse may fit both a cob and full-size halter depending on the measurements the halter brand uses for its halters. The sizing will largely come down to the shape and size of your horse.

The average size of a cob-size halter is roughly 11 ½” at the noseband, 7” for the cheek pieces, and 24 ½” at the crown piece.

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